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Mr. Toad Part 5
Mr. Toad set out once again on his long journey, croaking as he went and listening for the echoing response in the distance. Before long the familiar ache in his legs and behind began to set in but he pushed forward. As he hopped into a familiar clearing Mr. Toad paused for a moment to catch his breath and rest his aching body.

“Bartholemeu? Are you here, friend?” The little fairy zipped through the bushes ahead and into the clearing with a light twinkling noise.

“Oh, it’s you.” The fairy had a disappointed look on his face and turned to fly away.

“No, no! Please sir, allow me to apologize.” The fairy paused a moment, looking very annoyed. “You did a wonderful thing to me, gave me a marvelous gift and I took advantage of it. I broke a promise to you and abused the powers that you had granted me. I’m very sorry.”

“Alright then.” Bartholemeu smiled and fluttered to Mr. Toad’s side. “Well, what are you doing out here anyway? It’s a bit far from your home, is it not?”

“Well, I wanted to apologize and wanted to meet this toad after all.”

“I don’t think I could give you wings again…” The fairy trailed off.

“No, no. I do not want them. I will do this on my own. It will make the meeting that much more special.”

“Oh! Well be safe, friend!” Bartholemeu flashed a smile at Mr. Toad and disappeared into the bushes ahead. Feeling much better having resolved his differences with his new friend, Mr. Toad hopped forward, croaking as he went and listening to the replies growing closer and closer.

That evening Mr. Toad met with his new friend and they exchanged the most interesting conversation he had had in months. They talked about the flies that had been out lately, the changes in the creek, and other toads that had passed through. Mr. Toad told his new friend about the crazy journey that had brought him here and they both laughed, ate flies, and basked in their new friendship. The following morning, as the two toads shared a breakfast of morning flies that were enjoying the morning sun reflecting off the water Bartholemeu flew out of the bushes and joined the two.

“Hallo, my hopping friends!” He was quite jovial this morning, perhaps excited to see Mr. Toad so happy.

“Hello, there! This is the fairy I was telling you about!” Mr. Toad replied, turning towards his new friend.

“So happy to see you two getting along. Will you be returning home today, Mr. Toad?”

“Why, yes I believe I will be. I should probably be leaving soon, it’s quite a long journey.” Mr. Toad’s new friend nodded in agreement and the two exchanged goodbyes, vowing to see each other again very soon. As Mr. Toad began to cross the creek Bartholemeu sped off into the woods, reappearing seconds later carrying a massive leave in his hands. He dropped it int he water delicately then, with a spin that flung gold dust everywhere a pole appeared in his hand and the leaf glowed for a short moment.

“Hop on, Mr. Toad!” Mr. Toad looked at the fairy, perplexed for a moment, wondering what trick he was up to.

“I’m far too heavy for that leaf, I’ll sink!”

“Trust me, friend. I was proud that you didn’t ask for wings again, let me help you get home!” Mr. Toad obliged, hopping delicately onto the leaf and he was happily surprised when it stayed afloat.

“Goodbye, friend! We will meet again soon!” He helped with a wave and a croak as the two started to float away. The toad smiled and waved back as Mr. Toad and the fairy floated around a bend in the river, headed for home.