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Mr. Toad Part 3
“Hello, friend!” Mr. Toad tried his best to sound approachable and friendly as he slowly hopped towards the bushes. “My name is…”

“Mr. Toad!” A light, high-pitched voice erupted in excitement from the bushes as they rustled violently. “Oh Mr. Toad! It’s been so long!” A bright yellow fairy zipped out of the lush bushes ahead and swiftly flew in tight circles around Mr. Toad’s head until he was quite dizzy.

“Do I know you?” Mr. Toad inquired, not recognizing the creature at all.

“Oh no, no, I suppose you don’t. I visited your pool from time to time when you were just a small lad, before you had your legs and that magnificent voice.” Mr. Toad’s chest swelled with pride at the compliment.

“Well I…”

“Oh my how you’ve grown, Mr. Toad.” The Fairy interrupted, saving him from his stammering of appreciation. “What brings you so far out into these woods?”

“Well, you see, it has been quite some time since I’ve had a visitor and there is a toad in the distance who has been calling. I was waiting for them to travel closer but they don’t seem to be moving so, I suppose I decided to go to them.”

“Well, I see,” said the fairy, rubbing it’s chin with it’s tiny golden hand. “That’s quite a long journey! The toad you seek is past the dark knoll over that hill and beyond the thicket, in a bend in the creek much like your own!”

“You’ve seen them?”

“Oh,” the fairy chuckled, “I’ve seen everything, though I probably shouldn’t have told you that. No no, I should not have meddled in your affairs. Do accept my sincerest apologies Mr. Toad.” The fairy bowed deeply in the air, flitting back and forth in front of Mr. Toad’s face. “I shall leave you to your journey.”

“Wait!” Mr. Toad pleaded as the fairy started to zip back towards the bushes from whence it had erupted moments before. “I should very much like to meet this toad that you speak of, but it sounds like a long and perilous journey and I fear my body is not up to the task. Is there another way?” The fairy pondered for a moment, considering its options.

“Well, for a toad such as yourself I suppose not. Hopping is precisely how you get from point A to point B, is it not?”

“For a toad such as myself, yes, but what about a toad that is not such as myself?”

“A toad not such as yourself…” the fairy rubbed its chin again, flitting back and forth as it pondered the riddle. “A toad not such as yourself could perhaps be there much faster if it could fly! I suppose you need to fly. But a toad cannot fly so hop you must!” The fairy began to dart for the bushes again but Mr. Toad stopped her with another question.

“But, fairy…I did not catch your name, I’m sorry. Are you not a magical being?”

“My name is Bartholemieu,” the fairy bowed deeply as it had done with its original introduction, “thanks you, kindly, for asking my good toad! And yes, why of course! All fairies are magical beings.” Bartholemieu acted as if the very question was preposterous.

“Well, could a magical being such as yourself not help a lonely toad in his travels by perhaps giving him some magical wings?” The fairy considered this very seriously.

“It seems to break many rules of nature, toads are not meant to fly, you know.”

“Oh, I know, but I want to meet this other toad so. You can take them away once I’ve had a chance to meet the fellow and returned home.” The fairy thought about this again, long and hard.

“I suppose there is no harm in this, you’re a simple fellow with simple pleasures, no harm can come of your happiness.” And with that the fairy did a little whimsical spin in the air and let out a light squeel of joy. A dusting of particles erupted off of it and sprinkled Mr. Toad, covering him in a golden glow from which beautiful webbed wings appeared.

“Oh my!” Mr. Toad commented as he flitted his new wings and lifted off the ground slightly. Bartholemieu admired them with pride. “You are something marvelous, aren’t you?”

“Do you like them?”

“Oh, I do indeed. Thank you so much!” Bartholemieu nodded, a smile spreading across the fairy’s tiny face.

“Well, I must be going. Once you have found your toad friend and returned home the wings will disappear. Please do this quickly. Toads weren’t meant to fly, you know.”

“Oh, I know, thank you so much, I’ll be very quick indeed!” And with that the fairy zipped into the bushes and disappeared as quickly as he had appeared to begin with.

“What a charming fellow!” Mr. Toad remarked to himself, hovering just above the ground with his new golden wings. “And what marvelous wings I have!”