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Mr. Toad Part 1
Mr. Toad had lived on the banks of the creek his entire life. He had spent his child and teen years amongst the small pools, and most of his adult life sitting on one rock or another. It was a simple, yet pleasurable, existence. His voice was his best quality, or so he would tell himself on the quiet nights while he listened to the creek babble along. He would puff his chest and exert a loud croak when he felt it acceptable, then he would listen for a reply. Sometimes there was one, sometimes there wasn’t, but he always looked forward to the day where he would meet a new friend. The problem was, no one stayed long. His friends always passed through with idle conversation and he was left wanting more.

“The flies are good today, yeah?”
“Careful, there’s a hawk up ahead. I don’t know if he eats toads but he was scary!”
“Heya, buddy. Where’d you get those spots?”

It was always so dull but Mr. Toad looked forward to it, so. No one ever traveled far in a day but they never came back either. He would wander up and down the creek some days but he always came back to his home. The flies were plentiful due to the boggy surroundings and it was at a convenient bend in the creek that many creatures passed through. The tree cover was perfect for deterring predators and the fresh water smell was always pleasing.
Due to the opportune position of the creek bend Mr. Toad had lots of opportunity for brief company but no one wanted to compete with him for food or intrude on his home so they always moved on. Every evening and into the early morning he would croak and listen for responses. His heart would jump whenever he heard one and he would look forward to meeting this new Toad friend.

For a couple of days now, however, Mr. Toad hadn’t heard from anyone. All night and into the morning he would croak and croak with no reply. The first night was disheartening but it had happened before. The second and third night began to throw poor Mr. Toad into a rather unfortunate state of depression. It wasn’t common for him to go quite so many days without any reply at all. The loneliness was almost too much to handle for the poor fellow and so he began to grow desperate. He would wake up early and stay up late to continue croaking, hoping to hear from someone. Early morning on his fourth day alone Mr. Toad finally heard the faint croaking of a friend in the distance. It was quiet and the echoes made it hard to read, but at least it was someone. That night Mr. Toad went to sleep a happy creature.

The following evening with Mr. Toad awoke his thoughts were full of wonder as he thought about his new friend. You see, Mr. Toad had lived a life of mostly solitude but he was an incredibly social being. As you know he looked forward to visits but he never realized how much he relied on them in order to retain his very sanity. This morning he was suddenly very aware of how much he wished to meet this new toad and so he croaked as loud as he could, hoping to guide this new friend towards his home.

Mr. Toad croaked, then he listened. He croaked again, then he listened. His heart became heavy with sadness as he heard no reply. He was about to give up and go back to sleep when he heard the echoing croak of a faraway toad respond to his greetings. The toad sounded just as far away as it did the night before. He conversed with this mysterious toad for several hours and it didn’t sound like it was any closer. By the time Mr. Toad went to sleep that night he was starting to worry that this new toad would never come his way. ‘One more night,’ he told himself, ‘and he or she will be much closer!’ He closed his eyes to sleep and dreamt of his new best friend.