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With a Bang
Joe left the woman where she laid and her whimpers slowly quieted and she faded away in the back of his mind. The sirens got louder and louder, the faint flicker of lights could now be seen in the distance as they raced to the station. He pulled out his flask and finished it, tucking the empty canister back into his breast pocket. He glanced around at the carnage and mayhem, blood oozed from various bodies that were strewn across the platform. A few of them still twitched here and there, a few’s chests rose and fell with heavy breathing, most lay still.

“This is how the world ends,” he muttered to himself, a wry smiling crawling across his face as he pondered the crazy journey he had set out on without any forethought or planning. “This is how the world ends.” He said it louder, laughing a little to himself as he did. In his mind he could hear Justin Timberlake saying it as he envisioned the opening scene of one of his favorite movies, Southland Tales. Heavy footsteps thudded around the corner as the first team of cops was arriving on the scene. “This is how the world ends!” Joe yelled as the cops neared his location.

“Freeze! Hands up!” They hollered at him, peering around the corner, pointing their weapons in his direction. He was standing in the middle of the platform now, surrounded by bodies, a pool of deep-red blood forming around his feet.

“Not with a whimper,” Joe yelled back, changing the quote to something that seemed more fitting for his situation.

“Hands up or we’ll shoot!”

“…But with a bang!” Joe reached behind him and pulled his pistol out of his belt. As he swung his arm around to his front he took one last look at the bodies laying around him and allowed the magnitude of what he had done sink in. The cop peering around the corner fired his gun. Joe’s mind was racing, his heartbeat slowed and the world seemed to descend into a sudden state of clarity. His eyes focused in on each of the victims laying around him, he saw their faces as clear as day in his mind’s eye. Twisted in horror and pain, confused at what had happened, their faces were committed to his memory as he moved through each one like a slideshow.

His mind began to drift as he thought back through his previous kills. The blood spraying the walls or the cement as he moved through time back to that very first night. That very first night where he had found the first small bit of relief in an otherwise miserable existence. As a wave of satisfaction washed over him the memories faded Joe felt the hard punch in his chest as the bullet struck him. It was as if someone had suddenly kicked him, then lit the wound on fire. He felt his body suddenly push backwards with the weight of the blow and the fire intensified, threatening to pull him out of his final moments of bliss. As he felt his back, shoulders, then head strike the platform Joe held on to his feeling of satisfaction with everything he had left in him.

As the life quickly drained from his body and a warm pool of blood formed around him Joe smiled with the sheer bliss of a man who held no regrets, and he closed his eyes and allowed himself to die.