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This is Where the Magic Happens
The stars twinkled in the black sky like a thousand brilliant explosions going off all at once, since that’s exactly what they were. Joe marveled at the thought of it as his breath steamed passed his eyes, obscuring the view slightly. Millions, perhaps billions of contained explosions rocketing through open space at incredible speeds, destined to, one day, either collide with another massive explosion or to succumb to it’s own powers and cave in on itself. He allowed himself to close his eyes briefly and surrender his soul to the great unknown, slowly feeling weightless in the frigid air.

“Bill, c’mon!” Daisy called from up ahead on the sidewalk, “what are you doing?” She giggled a little as he looked down at her, snapping back to reality. She was drunkenly skipping down the icy sidewalk towards the bar that she loved and just had to take him to. As she giggled her feet slipped out from under her. Her knees locked and her legs shot straight out, sending her down onto the hard path with a loud smack. Joe rushed to her side and helped her up, laughing as she broke out into a loud drunken song. “I fell! I fell on the ice and I didn’t feel it!” She sang at the top of her lungs, laughing between every few words. By the time Joe had her standing again he was failing to see the humor in it anymore. “Maybe I shouldn’t drink more,” she said followed by a large gulp that he could only imagine was her swallowing a burp. “Let’s just…let’s just go to my place, I’ll take you to the best bar in town tomorrow night.”

“Ok, we should probably get you some water and aspirin.”

“Oh, I’m fine. Didn’t feel a thing.” She laughed again, hanging onto his right arm heavily enough to almost pull him down onto the sidewalk. He pulled his left hand in and grabbed her arm, then swung his hand around her waist and helped her balance as she gave him directions back to her place.

“There’s beer in the fridge,” she muttered as she walked into her apartment and headed straight for the couch, “grab me one, too.” Joe watched as she threw herself down on the couch and stretched out for a minute, staring at her ceiling. He took out his empty flask and funnel that he kept safely in his jacket pocket and set it down on her counter. Daisy glanced at it as he did so and looked back at the ceiling. “You’re going to kill me now, right?” Joe was taken aback by what he had just heard. The room began to spin slightly as Daisy sat up on the couch, holding her head which had started to ache a little. How could she know? Had he given her some hint? A sign? Had he drunkenly outed himself for who he was?

“What?” he questioned, holding onto the counter to try to stop the room from spinning so violently.

“You’re going to fuck me now, right?” Daisy looked at him with a mischievous look in her eye, he was still stunned by his mistake.

“Oh, I thought you said…”

“No you didn’t. Grab me a beer and come here.” She watched him as he grabbed two beers out of the fridge and set them on the counter delicately.

“Want to see a trick?”

“Always!” Daisy hopped up off the couch enthusiastically and headed to the kitchen as he pulled a large knife out of a drawer. She sidled up next to him and slid her hand around his waist as he inspected the blade. ‘I am a stranger in her apartment,’ he thought to himself, ‘with a large knife. How is it that she is so trusting?’ He continued to pretend to examine the blade as his mind raced. Was it right to do this to someone he trusted him so much? Did she really deserve it? His mind drifted back to the airport, as he was forced to listen to her incessant dribble that she called conversation. The flight where she talked nonstop about absolutely nothing, she had asked someone to switch seats with him so that she could sit next to him, it was horrible. Then the entire evening as she drank glass after glass, getting completely hammered with a complete stranger, and talking about work and family and all of the things that he couldn’t have cared less about. Her eyes pierced into his as he twisted the knife, her reflection caught in a loving gaze as she watched him examine the blade, waiting for a trick that she was sure would blow her mind.

“Alright, stand back.” He said and Daisy backed off a few feet. He grabbed his flask and examined it, moving it to the edge of the counter in direct reach then picking up one of the bottles and pretending to inspect the cap. Miller Lite, figures. All remorse gone, the intensity of the night washed over him as he embraced the true reason he had flown to Vermont. He set the bottle down on the counter just as gingerly as before and opened his eyes. He smiled at her and she smiled back, eyes wide with anticipation. Anticipation quickly turned to horror as the knife slid into her belly and his hand flew up to cover her mouth. Daisy shrank away from him but he pressed into her as their two bodies slammed into the wall. A photo sprang loose from it’s nail and glass shattered onto the tile floor of the kitchen. Daisy clawed at him and tried to scream but she was weak from the alcohol and weaker from the blood loss. He held her in his arms, almost lovingly, as she slumped down to the floor, head drooping and eyes closing sleepily.

When she lay still Joe stood, grabbed his flask, and began the process of filling it. Once it was full he secured the top, rinsed the flask and funnel, then slid it into his jacket pocket. Without a word he stared at Daisy one last time, she really was pretty. With a slight smirk on his face he zipped up his jacket and left the apartment, locking the door behind him on the way out. Daisy lived in a busy neighborhood and it was easy to find a cab. Joe was back at the airport within the hour talking to the ticketing agent about a flight home. The warmth emanating through his jacket pocket onto his chest made him smile as he boarded the plane and looked out the window at the snowy Vermont runway. As the plane’s wheels left the pavement he closed his eyes and Joe fell into a deep slumber full of the wonderful dreams that came with a truly happy soul.