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Bill threw down his notepad and darted across the room to the phone in the corner of the kitchenette. He snatched up the receiver and, without hitting any buttons, said as clearly as possible, “108 is ready for extraction. I repeat, 108 is ready for extraction.” He hung up the phone and ran back to the window, yelling for James to get up. He ran out of the bedroom tying his robe shut in haste.
“What happened?”
“He figured it out!”
“No shit! How?”
“The bird loop!”
“Did he notice the delay?”
“He didn’t say anything about it so probably not, but who cares? We can go home!”
The two men laughed and hugged as the extraction team opened the steel door at the front of the apartment and charged in, guns at the ready. They were dressed all in black, with helmets and large rifles, it was almost comical given the fact that they were merely incapacitating and removing a test subject. Bill and James had always secretly joked that the guns were plastic, or at least not loaded but they had no way of knowing for sure. These experiments were always a 90-10 split of theatrics and reason but you could hardly tell one from the other most days. The team quickly subdued 108 and gave him a tranquilizer. The two men watched proudly as the team carried the unconscious subject out of the apartment and closed the door.

The elevator chimed and James got in, “ready?”
“Yeah, hit the button, I want to see.” James punched the button for the lobby and held the doors open with his hand. The apartment erupted in turmoil in front of his eyes. The furniture flew in the air and erupted in flames, pictures rocketed off the walls and incinerated before hitting anything, and the walls appeared to melt into the floor. After half a second of intense burning there was a flash of light and Bill shielded his eyes. When he looked back he was staring at a cement chamber as ashes swirled towards the vents in the ceiling. He smiled and headed for the elevator, glad for a little vacation.

Bill and James shared a pleasantly quiet ride to the surface. As they watched the doors close behind them in the lobby the smiled and thought of their lab being incinerated now that it was empty. They walked outside into the sun laughing and joking together.
“Wonderful job, boys!” Their driver said with a smile as he opened the door for them. “Your families are waiting.”