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For a brief moment the two stood face to face, Nick’s blood pulsed through his veins. His head pounded with each beat of his heart; his veins felt as if they were pumping ice. Nick’s fingers played with the hunting knife in his hand, twisting it slowly as he held it by his hip. The creature made no move to attack or flee, it simply stood there, examining Nick silently. Soft puffs of steam left its nostrils every few seconds, otherwise it remained completely motionless.

“Who…Who are you?” The words broke as they came out of Nick’s mouth and he stuttered involuntarily, his mouth feeling awkward and hard to control. The creature just cocked his head slightly and continued to stare. “Wh…what did you do to…m…me?” The creature cocked his head the other way and reached out with a tentative paw. His hand was the size of Nick’s skull and sported claws the size of his big finger, hooked and deadly looking. Nick absent-mindedly reached for his neck, causing a sudden intense pain to shoot down his spine. In a fury, he swung upwards from his hip with his knife and slashed the back of the beast’s hand. He let out a bellow so deep and intense that it shook Nick to his very core, his heart began to race and the ice in his veins pumped with a new ferocity, making his head spin.

In a rage, the creature charged at Nick, hitting in hard in the chest with his shoulder and the two flew backwards into the snow. The world became a blur of blood, fur, and snow as Nick stabbed and slashed with his knife and felt the creature’s claws rip at his close and tear at his skin. As his knife found a tender spot between the ribs the creature let out a loud bellow and jumped off of Nick, leaving him stunned and confused in the snow. As the adrenaline began to wear off intense pain started to set in. His ribs throbbed, his back ached, and a burning sensation ripped through his body from the dozens of cuts and slashes he had endured.

With a grunt, the creature rose out of the snow, his hand clutching his rips as thick, black blood dripped through his fingers; his eyes focused on Nick, red with rage. With a sudden panic, Nick realized that the had lost his knife in the fray. His hands dug through the snow at his sides but found nothing as the creature took a step towards him. “No,” Nick muttered as the pain surged through his body and the creature took another step forward, slow and deliberate. “No!” He rolled over and tried to push himself onto his hands and knees but the pain was too much; the ground shook as the creature took another step towards him and grunted in pain. “No, no, no,” his brain raced but Nick couldn’t seem to think anything else. The pain seared through his body with every move as he clawed through the snow, trying to craw further away from the creature as he shook the ground with his heavy steps. “Please!” he pleaded with the creature, still trying to crawl away but feeling him step closer and closer. “Please, no!” A massive, clawed hand grabbed his shirt and lifted him off the ground. The sudden forced movement sent a burning sensation through his body, he felt as if he had just been struck by lightning or lit on fire. “Please,” he muttered as he slowly lost consciousness.