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The Butcher Round Two
[Diero] [Reader View]
The Butcher, usually a grumpy, brusque man, rejoiced at the sight of the two hooded figures eating his business and closing the door behind them quietly.

“Ah, what can I do for you today my lads? I’ve got a fresh pig out back…” Diero’s mentor raised his right hand and the Butcher stopped talking, suddenly looking very nervous. The old man pulled back his hood to show his scarred and wrinkled face, his long hair pulled back in a neat tail. His eyes were cold and gray as he stared at the large man, not blinking.
“Thank you for dealing with those hooligans who thought they could claim my territory.”
“Not a problem at all, sir, it was a pleasure! Really…” The large man stammered, setting down the blade he had been holding and wiping his hands of on his white smock.
“Your brother in law…”
“Oh, him, he’s not a bother. More dangerous to the wolves outside of town than anyone in it. He just needs to blow off some steam and…” The Butcher was wringing his hands together nervously as he stammered out the excuses and defenses. The old man raised his hand again, cutting the man off.
“It is your job to deal with these things, not to let them run their course.”
“Right, sir, I understand. I will speak with him immediately.”
“No!” Diero’s mentor stepped forward, drawing his dagger from the hidden pockets in his robes and slamming it into the Butcher’s counter, driving it deep into the wood. “You’ve failed me twice now. Talking does no good, you are a man of action or you’re of no use to me.” The large man shrunk back against the wall, averting his eyes from the robed figure and glancing towards Diero who still stood by the door, hood obscuring his face slightly.
“Ok, I will take care of…”
“My apprentice, here, has already taken care of the issue. You will not fail me a third time.” The old man abruptly yanked the knife from the wood, leaving a deep gash then stored it in his robes. He turned and left the establishment quickly as the Butcher nervously paced behind him. Diero followed him out into the street quietly and they turned down a dark alley to the side of the building. “If they don’t fear us, we have nothing.” His mentor uttered the words quietly, his tone was stern and Diero knew that he didn’t want a response. He nodded respectfully and the two parted ways, it was time to lay low for a time until their recent murder was forgotten.