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The Beast
[Slick Nick] [Reader View]
For a short time Nick stood in the quiet field, the Marēdier’s blood melting the snow around his feet. The creature’s howl still echoed through the woods, bouncing off the trees and back across the field as if it was taunting him. His heart was racing and a lump rose in his throat as the creature disappeared into the woods ahead. His home was the opposite direction, but his eyes were locked on the large tracks left by this new beast.

“Shit,” he muttered to himself as he took off after the strange being, not sure what he was really going to do if he caught it. He raced across the field, his keen eyes examining the tracks as he ran. They were large and without feature, much like the tracks left by his own wolfskin boots. The creature ran on two legs like a human, swung its arms while it ran like a human, but that howl was far from human. He had never heard another human being utter such a horrible and gut curdling sound. It still rang in his ears, forcing his heart to race with anxiety at the mystery of it.

Nick had never encountered a creature in these woods that he hadn’t heard of before in some story or tale. Everything he found made sense but nothing he had ever heard even remotely resembled that beast. It stood at least a foot taller than he, and he was large compared to the men of the town. The creature’s stride was long and it ran far faster than Nick could ever hope to. As he plunged into the woods at the end of the field the beast was already long gone. His tracks were all that remained of his sudden presence, and even those were starting to become obscured in the woods, as if something had tried to brush them away. The further into the woods he ran the harder it became to spot the tracks until, after about 5 miles of unrelenting sprinting, he lost the trail completely.
“Dammit,” Nick muttered to himself as he shook his head in disbelief. He had never failed to track anything before, this was all so new and strange to him. Something odd was definitely afoot. He turned to head back towards his home, his mind wandering to the hundreds of books on his shelves about various mysterious creatures of lore that he could pore through while he sat next to the fire. He was determined to discover this creature’s orient and would not sleep until he had. As he took a step towards home the snow in front of him exploded as a large mass flung itself from the trees above and landed directly in front of him.

“HAROOO!” The sickening howl rattled his skull and his vision became blurry. Nick’s heart raced and leapt into his throat again, his chest began to pound as if he was being kicked in the chest and his vision continued to blur until the mess of snow and fur merged into one unidentifiable texture. With a sickening crunch, Nick felt a stab of pain in his shoulder and an unbearably strong force that shot him off his feet and launched him into the air. ‘This must be how it feels to fly,’ he thought to himself as the blurry world faded and his weightless body floated through the air.