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[Slick Nick] [Reader View]
Nick’s brain told him to sprint home, that this mysterious creature could sneak up on him at any second, but he did his best to remain calm. His pulse was slow and steady as he quietly slipped through the snow-covered woods. His breathing was quiet and shallow, he didn’t even realize how tired he had become until he flopped into his large chair by the fireplace and let out a loud sigh. His muscles started to ache as he relaxed them, one at a time, feeling the tension rush from his body as the warmth from the fireplace started to warn his skin. Nick allowed himself to close his eyes just for a minute before he pulled himself back out of the chair to head to his study. His muscles screamed in pain and he almost fell back into the chair, but there were more important things at hand then rest.

“Rare Mythical Beasts” sat on the top shelf, covered in dust. The very title of the book declared that it was not to be trusted as a resource in any real capacity and so he read it once then put it away, forgetting about it until this last encounter. As he flipped through the pages Nick began to wander to the small wooden chair next to the reading desk. His study was small, more like a closet to most people, but it was enough space for him to read and write as well as keep his books. It had a small window with tattered red curtains over it that blocked the light from the outside when he needed, they were slightly parted right now and the moonlight streamed in. A small candle rested on the desk that lit the small room very well. Wax dripped down he side and pooled on the desk, effectively mounting it to the wooden surface.

“Damn,” he muttered as he squinted at the pages, the room was too dim with just the moonlight so he grabbed a twig from a basket by the desk and headed to the fireplace. He returned, lit the candle, then tossed the twig into the fireplace. By the time he got back to his chair the room was fully lit and he could begin reading. Slowly, page by agonizing page, he plodded through the book. Descriptions of dragons, griffins, and sea monsters bored him. These things weren’t real, at least, not anymore. “I should have marked these pages,” he muttered to himself, annoyed that the book didn’t have a table of contents or index of some kind. In the past he had written his own, added page numbers and slipped his own table of contents into the front of the book, but this one he had written off as useless and so had ignored it. Now he was paying for that laziness with his valuable time.

“Whoa…” After quite some time Nick found a page that had no text on it, just a simple sketch of a tall, hairy beast, dark of hair and humanoid in features. It was almost an exact sketch of the scene he saw in the woods as the creature ran from him. His skin began to crawl and goosebumps raised on his arms. The next page started with a list of names; Ape Man, Big Hairy Monster, Cave Spirit, Forest Devil, Gin Sung. The list continued down the page until a final bolded word rested at the bottom on a line of its own, centered. “Anunnaki.” Nick flipped to the next page to see more text than any other creature had received. Pages and pages of historical sightings from across the entire globe, cultures as far back as the ancient Sumer race. “Anunnaki,” he said aloud, letting the name sink in as the hairs on the back of his neck suddenly stood on end. His heart skipped a beat and a chill passed across his skin. There were only a few times that this feeling had passed through his body and he had a scar for each one. Nervously, Nick looked up from the book to meet two yellow eyes staring at him through the window in front of the desk.

Nick almost fell back out of his chair but he didn’t yell or make any sound at all, and almost as fast as he had seen them, the eyes disappeared into the night.