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[The Tribes] [Reader View]
They came in the predawn glow as it illuminated the range ahead of us. We had woken up early to enjoy the sunrise and marvel at how magnificent and important we were to be some of the first in the country to see it. Atop some small mountain or another along the Appalacian trail in Maine the air was cold and crisp on this fall morning and we were at ease. As we watched the sun rise over the pines they emerged from all angles, rifles carried carelessly, huge hulking figures stomping the ground as if we had wronged them somehow. They didn’t speak, they just attacked.

They grabbed her first as a couple came at me from behind. I had snuck my firearm out of its holster just in time to get a shot off into one of their ribs, causing him to collapse and his friend to jump back in surprise. I pierced his skull with another round and ran for the two trying to carry her off. One received a new hole in his throat while the other lost feeling of his arm as his shoulder was blasted and became a useful shield against his three remaining friends. Screaming for their lives they threw down their weapons and surrendered. We tied them all together as they begged and pleaded for us to let them go, apparently they had never met resistance. While bound and gagged together like bundles of wood I executed each of them with a quick shot in the back of the head.

As the sun continued to rise it danced off of the blood in shattered beams as it rolled gently down the hillside. We packed up our camp and prepared to begin our day. Our message would be heard loud and clear. She picked up one of their rifles and tossed it from hand to hand, a sly smile creeping across her beautiful face. The war against the lost tribes had begun.