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[Slick Nick] [Reader View]
As Nick let the ice melt from his veins and he unglued his wide eyes from the, now empty, window, he started to claw at the bottom of his desk, looking for the shotgun that he kept mounted there for this exact scenario. He snatched it from the desks weak hold and bolted out of the office, headed for his front door. Carefully pulling it shut behind him he started to quietly walk around to the back of the house, looking for footprints as he went. When he reached his office window he found a scuffle of prints in the ground, then tracks leading away from the house. A chill passed through his body as he noticed how large this creature’s step was, there was almost four feet between each footfall.

Nick squinted into the distance but the thick forest covered any sign of the creature. He pondered going after him but the sight of those massive footprints daunted him, plus his slippers were not meant to be in the snow and he was starting to get cold. He quietly slipped back into his house, locking the door behind him and keeping the gun at his side as he sat back down at the desk to continue reading.

The first few pages were about the creature’s diet, which could have just read “anything” since it was found almost anywhere in the world. The next few pages discussed various genetic differences that had been reported and theories as to how those differences were linked to the location the creature lived in. As he flipped to the section about migration patters the hair on the back of his neck stood on end and a chill ran down his spine. Nick’s head snapped up and his gaze was met with two yellow eyes once again.

Nick sprung out of his chair and reached for his shotgun that had been propped against the table next to him. His fingers grazed the barrel as his eyes remained locked on the window and the gun fell to the floor with a loud clang. The yellow eyes in the window narrowed with an angry glare then disappeared again. Nick cursed himself for potentially ruining this opportunity and grabbed the gun off the floor. Instead of running through the house and running outside like a madman he unlocked the window and pulled it open, climbing across his desk to peer outside.

With a sudden stab of pain, Nick felt claws rip into his neck as the mysterious creature grabbed his collar from his hiding spot below. He yelled in pain and his finger instinctively pulled the trigger on the shotgun in his hand, firing a loud shot into the air. With a horrifying howl the creature released Nick and barreled into the woods, leaving his prey to flop through the window, bloody and confused. Nick landed in a heap in the snow, gasping for air and clutching his gun with both hands.

“What the hell…” he sighed as he pressed the palm of his handed over the wound in his neck, his hand came away bloody. “Son of a bitch!”