I was born and raised in the great, green state of Maine. I always had a passion for story and was constantly off in my own world creating or living out fantastic adventures. As I got older I started to fall in love with programming. Being able to take control of a machine and create whatever you want was really enticing to me. I dedicated my life to learning the art of programming and it became just that, an art. After working as a Software Engineer in Seattle for a few years I started to miss my old habit of writing and decided to pick the pen back up. Since then I have remembered how much I really loved to create stories. I now consider myself a Software Engineer and Writer and dedicate myself to improving in both as much as I can.

In 2014 I moved from Seattle back to Maine and married the woman of my dreams (whom I met in Seattle). I, now, spend my free time with my wife, three cats, and dog at home in Maine developing software and writing stories as well as trying to enjoy this beautiful state we live in.